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an inch an hour. these aren't floogd rains but it's enough to slow you down on your afternoon commute. petaluma, san antonio road right in this area, that's real rain. as a matter of fact we can check out the rain fall rates in this and that's coming in about almost four tenths an inch an hour so that is very well. if you've been in the richmond district or pardon me with the marina district you can see that you've got a few showers showing up there and as we work our way a little bit further south san jose saying what's the big deal we're wet down here but not see ago ton of rain. so the rain is coming um. there's more rain in the forecast as we go into tonight and as we go into the weekend. when i come back we'll have that, the latest computer model and your five-day forecast. storm watch coverage continues now as the rain is expected to intense fie in the coming hours. he is live now just off of interstate 101. eric, is it tough getting around
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right now. >> it certainly is. now, you can actually see the traffic behind me on northbound 101. not so bad at this point. i can tell you a little bit south of here, we have seen slow traffic and a little problem here on the onramp is you can see happening live right in front of us. we've been getting a steady dose of rain in the last 90 minutes at least that we've been here and, in fact, in just the last few minutes or so, the rain has really picked up. you might be able to see it on your careen here. we want to show you one of the things we're seeing all over the bay area really in this case here on the onramp to northbound 101 we have a -- a crosswalk that's essentially under water at this point, not anything too serious, but we can tell you the roads are slick. it has led to a number of wrecks all over the bay area from the east bay to the peninsula and we're watching out for that, of course, again tonight as the commute is not quite yet over. one thing we talk today people about who are walking through all of this stuff today they do point out it's not especially cold. in some cases it felt a little
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humid or warm. right now we're kind of in the feels like mid 50s out here but again the rain starting to pick up and something we'll be keeping an eye on all night. live here in marin county, channel 2 news. rain in the bay area usually means snow in the area noelle. >> julie right now the lower elevations is pretty much rain but there is a dusting of snow left over from an earlier storm. further up the mountains some of the ski resorts have opened early and just in time for a new wave of storms to come through and dump another 2 feet of snow. >> like the pop of a champagne cork, that is the sound of a party about to begin. squaw valley opened its gates today. two runs are up and running. >> it's wet and slushy but it's fun. >> they'll turn on those sonoma sheens tonight when it gets a
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little cooler. they opened up the runs a full week early. what's it look like? we have to talk to paul up the hill to find out. >> early skiers practically have the mountain to themselves, a little reward after last year's worst ski season on record. there's already more snow on the ground now than there was in mid january last year. >> it's great. it's really fantastic to open early. it's a really good sign of things to come and bringing definitely additional visitors to the mountain and whole area this weekend. >> not far away if the dusting of sthoe didn't beckon borders, the less than sult sign lets everyone know they're open. >> as soon as it started snowing she was like let's go. i was like okay. twist my arm. make me. >> yeah. don't have to ask me twice. >> resorts are hoping for a repeat of two years ago when the ski season lasted until the fourth of july. >> i hope so. we'd all like to be skeeg on the fourth of july. i think in general it's a really good omen and a great sign of a
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fantastic winter to come. we have developing news right now in the east bay. we want to show you live pictures of interstate 880 and highway 84 in fremont. as you can see, a lot of traffic at that hour, a bik backup there in fremont on highway 880. you can see all the traffic lights on this rainy friday night, a long commute here. this is just one of several traffic tie ups in the bay area at that hour, and you can go to for the very latest on our stormy weather and the conditions in the area where you live. just click on the weather at the top of the home page. now, to our continuing coverage on a story that we broke first at noon. a san francisco sheriff's deputy facing felony charges in connection with a bank robbery earlier this month. ktvu's david stevenson has been chasing the story all day. in the city with new information that he's learned about the sus peblt. >> we believe the sheriff's deputy is still being held inside the jail here. we were first to report today
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that he faces charges of robbery and commercial burglary. >> ktvu was first to report today that the man seen robbing the san francisco bank of america branch on november 7th is believed by police to be 36-year-old senior sheriff's deputy phillip chung tong. he earns between 79 and 1 hun thousand tlrs a year. he was arrested this morning after investigators went to his specific home last night. >> also a search warrant for his arrest also issued. >> a ktvu investigation of tong's background today turned up a significant string of creditors and later as co-owner of a san bruno gun shop. a woman filed a civil suit against tong last year claiming he was not selling her guns as promised. tong countered that the plaintiff owed him money for firearms he helped sell. >> i don't have information as far as weapons being sold from
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us or any background on what he did before. >> other documents we uncovered indicate tg holds assets of about $50,077,000 but is more than $7 hun thousand in debt, including $80,000 owed to a former business partner he worked with at san francisco hybrid farms. tong filed for bankruptcy in july. tong could face as much as eight years in state prison if found guilty of the charges. >> well, the residents of san francisco expect their men and women in uniform to uphold themselves with the highest respect for the law, and the actions of this particular individual, this defendant are deplorable. >>. >> and tong has been placed on mand straitive leave without pay. he's expected to appear in court here on monday afternoon. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. mrez san ton police arrested a former pinole police commander today for allegedly stealing from an elderly man.
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36-year-old mather messier and his wife elizabeth are accused of abusing an 82-year-old pleasanton man. police say the two suspects put the man's entire estate in a trust only they could access. his wife is still wanted for criminal conspiracy. a 14-year-old boy is under arrest tonight suspected of kidnapping, beating and sexually assaulting a 65-year-old woman in vallejo. authorities say the teenager forced the woman at gunpoint into her mini van yesterday afternoon at the gateway shopping center in vallejo. the victim was assault and had beaten then left in a ditch bound with duct tape about two hours later. a passer-by found her and called police. >> it was resolved quickly. the arrest was found within hours. >> investigators say that while it was a random attack, the victim's family did receive a ran som call but police wouldn't say how much was demanded.
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the victim is currently recovering at a local hospital. in oakland one of the city's most-wanted suspects is now behind bars. at 6:15 the unusual circumstantial that is led to his arrest and the final crime that police say he never got away with. it was oakland's most wanted suspect. how police captured the man they've been looking for. plus new support tonight for an east bay teenager kicked off the boy scouts for being gay. the push being made tonight by lawmakers
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, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. ed
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thrive . we are learning new de tails tonight about the arrest of one of oakland's most-wanted suspects. 20-year-old ronnie fer gnaw was arrested last night in san francisco. ktvu's rob ross is live in the city with the unusual twist to
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how the suspect was caught. rob. >> julie oakland police had been looking for him for two months. they found him last night here strictly by chance at steak house on venice avenue. >> police call this arrest of ronnie flenaugh a textbook operation. it began by pure chance. oakland police officer was celebrating his wife's birthday at ruth's steak house last night. earlier officers had traveled to las vegas searching for flenaugh, a fugitive who police say was their most-wanted suspect. they couldn't find him. then everything changed. >> a couple hours later we ended up getting a phone call saying i'm at route's restaurant and he walked in. we never really have the perfect eyes and sxeers intelligence coming realtime as we did from officer inside the restaurant. >> and when flenaugh finished dinner and walked out, this is what he faced. police say flenaugh is suspect of gang violence. >> multiple shootings.
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the sheer amount of rounds that are left at the crime scenes in excess of 100 rounds, these shootings being done in broad daylight. >> two months ago flenaugh's wife was shot eight times as she sat parked near a school weight to pick up her children. she survive and had police say moved to las vegas. flenaugh is now in jail held on a no-bail warrant thanks to an off-duty officer who never really went off duty. >> a very violent individual was taken off the streets. >> one side note the restaurant manager told police that in the past flenaugh and his friends would eat here and pay only part of the check. this time officers made sure flenaugh's party covered last night's tab in full plus tip. reporting live in san francisco, rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. hostess, the name behind some of the nation's most popular snacks is getting ready to close up shop leaving more than 18 thousand people across the country out of a job. ktvu ann ruben is live in the
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the hostess baekly in san leandro. ann. >> well, there was a mad rush to buy twinkies and ho hoes today science this may be the last of them. it is winding down operations and on monday will head to bankruptcy court seek to selt its asset, facilities. 18,500 employees will lose their jobs nationwide, 1800 of them here in california. the company says it was already unprofitable and could not with stand the ongoing strike of the baker's union. de spite the news union employees continued to picket today saying they won't stop until the court makes it official. people on both times say the timing of the closure is unfortunate leaving so many unemployed before the holiday sgls we had a plan to emerge. we had lenders that would finance us if wektd get the union on board. we couldn't get the bakers on board. >> it will be a difficult time for our member bus they knew what was going to happen and they voted for this. >> you have to keep strong
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for -- christmas coming. i know it's very hard. >> i won't be able to raise my kids you know the way i was raised. i was raised on all of this, hostess, twinkies, and now it's over. >> the plants have been shut down and the workers told to go home were told official termination notices could come next week meanwhile the bakery thrift shops there stay open a few days at least until the last of the baked goods are gone. ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. some die hard hostess fans were at an outlet store today before it even opened. sales discounted baked goods. we talked to one customer who said not being able to grab his favorite twin sis, ding dongs or hoe hoes may not be such a bad thing. >> i fwru up on this stuff, you know, all of us did. so what are we going to do now? lose a lot of weight, i guess.
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>> ding dongs, folks. >> once the store opened, customers loaded up on their favorites. one woman bought bags full of bread. she said she's been bieg wonder products for almost 50 years and was sad to see it go out of business and especially see all the employees lose their jobs. the youngest defendant akudz in a 2009 gang rape at richmond high school struck a plea deal today with prosecutors. 19-year-old was one of five men and boys accused of raping a teenaged girl on the night of richmond high school's homecoming dance. morales took a deal that will send him to prison for 27 years. if he was convicted by injury, he could have received life in prison. investigators in oakland international airport say items that a passenger brought onto a flight last night could have been used as a triggering device. 49-year-old jeffrey mcgan was arrested in oakland after tsa agents found a device with fuses, a circuit board and toggle switch when he went
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through security. booked on possession of materials to make a destructive device. he was trying to fly from oakland to lax. uc police have issued a warning after a mountain lion sighting near the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. authorities say the big cat was spotted yesterday near building 26. police searched the area but didn't see any sign of the animal. last month there was a sight in the same area. uc police say people should avoid hiking alone especially between dusk and dawn and always keep children close by. a sacramento judge ruled late this afternoon that california's high speed rail project will continue full speed ahead. a group of central valley farmers asked the court to issue a preliminary injunction to stall the project. they say that the rail authority failed to do proper environmental reviews. the state still needs to buy and survey land on a 65-mile stretch from merced to fresno for the first phase of the project. california's unemployment rate fell slightly last month. state's jobless rate fell to
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10.1% in october. that's down from 10.2% in september. it is a sharp drop from october of 2011 when the jobless rate was 11.5%. the labor department reports this month's job growth dwrivenz by construction and retail jobs. the jobless numbers in the nine bay area counties remain virtually the same. marin county still has the lowest at 5.8 percent. slau know county has the highest with 9.3%: the new predicted budget surplus in sacramento will only benefit state coffers if the economic recovery continues and lawmakers use the money wisely. >> a lot of people might think that now we're on easy street, we can start buying back or reversing some of the reductions that we made but one of the things that the legislative analyst indicated was a key to their projections was that the state maintains fiscal responsibility. >> palmer also said there are other factors that could de rail possible budget surplus including the stability of
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european economies, the situation in the middle east, and the amount of goods that china imports from california. more state lawmakers are supporting a teenager who was kicked out of the boy scouts for being gay. 32 state legislators signed a petition supporting bid for his eagle scout award. the 18-year-old was denied that award de spite completing all of the necessary rierments. members of the council say they were following national policy when they revoked andre son's membership. the city of san francisco is reportedly considering a new plan for the outside lands festival that would allow more people to attend tens of thousands of people pack golden gate park for the festival. according to new report, the city is considering a contract extension that would keep the in the event golden gate park until 2021 and increase the number of people allowed to attend from 65,000 to 7 # a,000.
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we have an update now on that precarous situation in daly city where the rain is causing more headaches for a neighborhood already inundated by mud. three to five thousand cubic yards of mud and debris rushed down a hillside there after a pipe burst on tuesday. some neighbors don't trust the stability of the hillside but city workers say they expect the weather iegz measures they took today to hold. they say they will be monitoring the area all weekend . and rain right in time for the afternoon commute. let's go outside life storm tracker 2 and you see some yellow. the way everything is going is it's moving off towards the north and the east so that's the motion of this stuff. as we come in a little bit closer here we're out north over by beshg leer ayeah. here's some moderate rain fall up towards the tunnel area. as we head up here towards the petaluma area some of the hef jest rain we've seen is this shelf which is moving north towards the napa area.
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then get in here, widely-scattered shower, heaviest rain right around san ra fell. then you get to the peninsula and this is significant out by pacifica, that's coming down, a could be a half inch an hour. in san jose they're getting sprinkles but really mainly been north of fremont in san jose most of the day. roadways are still wet out there. heaviest rain so far has been in the san francisco area about two tenths of rain. this is not a massive storm. the significant of this, it's hitting right on the afternoon commute and right when people are get ag way for praps a holiday week next week. >> this is tomorrow. 7:00 a.m.. look what happens in the afternoon, your sat afternoon not half bad. saturday night next weather system comes in and that is an overnight event. computer model does this then. here we are tonight at 9:00. more showers moving on shore. a little bit heavier. here we are at 11:00 about the
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time the 10:00 news is getting over scattered showers kind of what we're seeing outside right now. it's just widely-scattered showers. then we get into the late-night shoirs. heaviest rain fall on the coast. then here's the deeshlgs saturday looks nice. that's your saturday. then you get into saturday afternoon/evening, the next system, system no. 2, the cold one tees up offshore and it comes in overnight saturday into sunday morning and i got to tell you, sunday is not going to be a half bad day either. they'll be wet around and wet on the ground but it won't be a washout for you so you get the picture. going to rain more tonight. tomorrow morning looks goochltd tomorrow amp looks fine. overnight saturday. sunday doesn't look half bad. >> nice to get those breaks in between. >> i like overnight rain, too. i like waking up, and it's all done. >> so do i. all right. thank you, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, on tv 36, protesters on both sides of the middle east conflict converge in san
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francisco for a second straight night. the tense emotions on both side of one streak. and employees of america's most popular retail chain now threatening a strike on the single-biggest shopping day of the year. join us at 7:00 an tv 36. still to come tonight how bay area volunteers are helping to serve up a happy thanksgiving for everyone. plus he's back on the job. hear from 49ers head coach jim harbaugh just one day after a heart procedure
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has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . volunteers from the salvation army manned a turkey donation drive through in san francisco today. the turkeys will be use today prepare #5 thousand meals for people who can't leave their homes. the salvation army is also partnered with whole foods markets on fourth veet in the south of market neighborhood. if you buy a turkey there, they will develop it off at the al vags army for you. >> a turkey drop. i like that. all right. bud's in tonight for marc and jim harbaugh it didn't take him long to get pack to work. we knew that. >> absolutely. i had the sniffles. i was thinking of calling in sick until i went down that press conference. he's dealt with an irregular heartbeat before so he went
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pondering life's meaning after yesterday's simple surgery. in fact, harbaugh was upbeat and back to jerk today even joked that he must pay a fine for being laet. it provided a quick and simple solution while he may need to reevaluate his die yet and cough feen consumption, the toughest part was missing all the action. >> i've had that dream before many time where you're supposed to be taking a test or the team's out there practicing and you're not out there so just fwlad to be back at work, fwlad to be preparing for this ball game. i'm find, fierngs and ready to go to work. >> what kind of fine should this guy get for missing practice. >> don't matter if it's good or bad. i understand what he had going on but you dpot to make it right. >> and a 49ers like snit is over his concussion but the chicago bears already announce thad their starting qb jay cut ler will in fact miss monday night's game after suffering his own
6:27 pm
concussion last week against houston. >> and the toronto blew jays just signed melky cabrera. the pre-testosterone melky or the post-testosterone melky. at least after a 50-game. and left-handed pitcher andrew warner. that is sports as we see sdmrit all right. thank you, fred. well, tonight on the 10:00 news, continuing coverage of the storm system moving through the bay area. we'll bring wrou the latest on the conditions and the problems arising from the wet weather. as always thank you for trust inging channel 2 news oh look the lion is out!
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